What Comes Before

by Xyphos

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released March 5, 2011



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Xyphos Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Obsessive Compulsive Decapitation
Music by Ahmed Ali
Lyrics by Rory Kennedy

You were the last I tell myself
The last of those I robbed of health
I doubt myself my restraint
Can I live without your pain?

Prominently on display in my living room
Stuffed and treated, none could assume
That I'm a fucking psycho, polishing my trophies
Casually glancing as they decay slowly
Possessed by their glazed eyes and their pale cold lips

Each room macabre
For some too much
My collection complete
My purpose obsolete

Would you believe
I still feel the need
To disembowel those
Filled with greed
Maybe one more, her blood will stain my floor
Swept under the rug, beaten and drugged
Praying for mercy, this may be sloppy
Organs on display, I revel in the pain
Softly caress your heart in my hands
Predictable failure, my descent
Track Name: Abusement
Music & Lyrics by Rory Kennedy

Ducking under, a fist thrown casually
She sneaks past, and out the door
Hiding herself, on a daily basis
Keep it inside, every night on the floor

Made to regret, each syllable
Turning into, a cautious being
Bruises concealed, as she lives
Barely life, there's no fleeing

Walking in the door she's grabbed by the hair
Thrown to the ground and his anger flares
She braces for the blows she knows will land
On her tenderized flesh, at her captor's hand

She closes her eyes
And takes herself away
Reliving happy days
Away from all the pain
The beating doesn't phase
She is almost glad
With remarkable mind power
She can escape her dad

Rising up, her arms covered in bruises
At last the will to fight, to escape the abusement

On the other end, she now wields the sword
Holding in her hand a blade with which to thwart his word
Slicing off the flesh of the one who gave her life
She gives in to the thrill of flesh parting for her knife
Track Name: Incision
The Glorious stench
Revel in
The first of many deaths
By the pain in her eyes
The soft caress
Of her clutching hand as she dies

Step back
Observe the decay
A sense of detachment
From a horrific way
Keeping a distance
To maintain sanity
A professional absence
Of the right mentality

Smooth flesh
More than art
Carve my mark
Into her soul
Indulge in
A scarred heart
As she falls
Relinquish control

Invading her soul at peace
A grasp of morality decrease

Her spirit chained
A merging of consciousness
Won't slip away
From a tenuous clutch

Protection from depths of harm
Feeling her thoughts, cause no alarm

Guiding quiet thoughts
To that of malicious acts
Experience hate
Stronger than living emotion

Too long apart from conscious thought
Exposing layers of the distraught

Massacre this
Folding stretch of skin
Peel away strength
Gasping as force is drained

Master or slave of the force of mind
Failing to see where we are entwined

Pushing apart
Tearing this connection
Sit back and appraise
The ease which her flesh gave way
Track Name: What Comes Before
Music & Lyrics by Rory Kennedy

Thinking yourself open, you speak confidently
Arrogance apparent, as you refuse to see
Those born high, cannot be faulted
Your mind is twisted, and your future clouded

Those gathered below shout both praise and words of hate
Look deep into their eyes, their appetites sate

Do you deny your narcissism?
With care you peel away their pessimism

Meet my eyes, I am one with them
See through the lies, recognize what you pretend
You hide behind the mask of your skin
Shelter beneath the cloak of your sin

Do you embrace your hedonism?
With hurried breath you bring down their optimism

When the strings are seen, they may be seized

Losing control, as they beg for your favour
Closing your eyes, to maintain control you labour
Control, I see your grasp wavering
Denied, the chance to live as yourself

When the strings are seen, they may be seized